New Publication - The Roles of Public Health in Population Mental Health and Wellness Promotion

View this report which summarizes 5 roles, possible areas of intervention and practical examples.

New Presentation - Poster- Public Policy Competencies for Public Health: A Scoping Review

What can we learn from analysis of competency frameworks and related documents in public health over the past 15 years?

New Publication - Whole-of-Government Wellbeing Approaches: A Comparative Analysis of Four Central Government

Learn about wellbeing approaches put forward by the governments of Scotland, Finland, New Zealand, and Wales.

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New Resources and Events

NCCHPP September E-Bulletin

In the Spotlight: New Publications on Population Mental Health, on Wellbeing Approaches and a Webinar on Health in All Policies on September 28!

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Webinar – What Can We Learn from Public Health Expenditure Data in Canada from 1975 to 2018?

June 9, 2022

This webinar presented and discussed key findings from research led by Dr. Mehdi Ammi, Professor at Carlton University’s School of Public Policy and Administration in Ottawa. The webinar recording and PPT presentations are now available.

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Public Policy Analysis Tool for Rapid Decision Making in Public Health

May 10, 2022

This document presents a public policy analysis tool adapted to rapid decision-making contexts. This tool is particularly relevant in the context of a health emergency, where decisions must be made at an accelerated pace.

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Webinar – Striking a Balance Between Decentralization and Centralization in Public Health Systems

This webinar presented the results of in-depth case studies of provincial public health systems in Alberta, Ontario and Québec. The webinar recording and PPT presentations are now available.

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