In this article, we present the momentum for change at the policy level within the field of mental health, and we present a framework to support population mental health action that builds on previous work developed at the NCCHPP. Finally, we illustrate how the application of a populational responsibility perspective, as it is defined in the context of Québec, facilitates the implementation of the various elements of this framework. In the end, we hope that this will better equip public health actors to situate their practice in favour of the population’s mental health.

A Framework for Supporting Action in Population Mental Health
25 pages

The NCCHPP would like to thank the journal Santé mentale au Québec for having given us permission to translate this article and republish it in both French and English on our website to the benefit of the NCCHPP’s readership.

The original article: Mantoura, P., Roberge, M.-C., & Fournier, L. (2017). Un cadre de référence pour soutenir l’action en santé mentale des populations. Santé mentale au Québec, XLII(1), Printemps 2017, 105-123.

The original article in French as well as other articles were published in a supplement dedicated to population mental health. They are available here: (with fees).