Knowledge sharing lies at the heart of the NCCHPP’s mandate. One of the results of our reflections has been the production of this guide for developing a knowledge-sharing plan for a project.

This tool has been developed in response to our own needs. We expect it to evolve as we continue to reflect upon and gain further experience in, knowledge sharing. We have nevertheless decided to make it publicly available in its current form as it may resonate with others who are exploring similar issues or undertaking similar planning processes. It is our hope that this guide will contribute to further reflection and discussion in this regard.

In addition to the PDF version, we have made a Word version available so that you may use, tailor or modify it to suit your needs. Please let us know if you have used it and how you might have adapted it to suit your context.

Guide for Developing a Knowledge-Sharing Plan – NCCHPP Internal Tool
9 pages

Word Version