This document presents a preliminary inventory of individuals engaged in public health ethics-related research and teaching across the country.

Public health ethics (PHE) is a relatively new field of study that encourages interdisciplinary discussion of moral issues in the theory and practice of public health and preventive medicine.  PHE involves the explicit use of concepts from ethical and political theory to discuss and evaluate collective interventions that aim to protect and promote the health of groups and populations rather than of individuals.

This preliminary inventory of individuals engaged in PHE-related research and teaching across the country is a first step in developing a comprehensive pan-Canadian information portal for PHE resources, researchers, educators, projects and literature to be hosted by the National Collaborating Centres for Public Health (NCCPH).

It is hoped that the list below will serve as a basis for a more systematic cataloguing of individual and collective efforts in developing, teaching, and applying PHE, one to which you are invited to contribute.

List of Public Health Ethics Researchers and Instructors Across Canada
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