This briefing note and the companion PowerPoint presentation discuss strengths and needs in the area of population mental health, as identified by public health actors. These strengths and needs were presented to partners during a meeting held in Ottawa on November 20, 2014, and the briefing note also identifies some highlights from that meeting.

Between April and October 2014, the NCCHPP, in collaboration with the NCCPH, led a variety of population mental health needs assessment activities with public health practitioners. The documents presented here (the briefing note and the PowerPoint presentation) discuss strengths and main buckets of needs resulting from a partial analysis of the needs assessment activities. They reflect strengths and needs as expressed by the 335 respondents who completed the English version of the web survey questionnaire, as well as those who participated in face-to-face encounters.

The NCCs invited some of their federal and provincial partners involved in population mental health to discuss the respective actors’ understandings of public health practitioners’ needs in population mental health, and to reflect upon activities that can address the identified needs.

Sharing Public Health Practitioners’ Needs in Population Mental Health: Highlights and Avenues for Action
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Population mental health: A look into public health practitioners practices and needs
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