Increasingly, the concept of solidarity is being brought into discussion as one of the principles and values that should guide the ethical practices of public health actors. Although solidarity is often included among the principles discussed in public health ethics frameworks, it is rarer to find answers to the questions ?why is the principle of solidarity relevant?? and ?how should it be used?? We hope that this paper will help to answer these questions.

The paper is structured as follows:

  • Section 1 – What is solidarity?
  • Section 2 – How has the principle of solidarity been used in public health ethics and practice?
  • Section 3 – Dimensions of solidarity
  • Section 4 – Practical use: Case study and questions

Solidarity in Public Health Ethics and Practice: Its Conceptions, Uses and Implications
23 pages

A summary version, which captures some of the main dimensions of solidarity and offers some questions for reflection to help bring the concept into practice, is available here