The aim of this workshop, presented for the Centre by Dr. Patrick Fafard of the University of Ottawa, was to introduce participants to some basic concepts related to public policy and to shed light on the complexity of the issues tied to policy development, with particular attention paid to advocacy in the public health sector.

The main themes of the session were as follows:

  1. “Why do public health professionals seek to play a role in the process of developing public policies?
  2. How might public health professionals get involved in the policy process?
  3. How does/ how should “science” influence policy?
  4. Public health as a mix of science, advocacy , and government.”
    (Presentation, Slide 3)

The process of developing public policy: What role can public health professionals play?
75 slides

The 2009 Summer Institute, held at Château Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec, offered knowledge and tools for public health practitioners, policy-makers, researchers and community-based practitioners.