As part of the 24th IUHPE Global Conference that was held in May 2022 in Montréal, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) co-developed a workshop with representatives from the NCCHPP, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the What Works Centre for Wellbeing, and Statistics Canada. This session entitled: Aligning Wellbeing Budgeting with Health Promotion: Opportunities and Reflections offered an opportunity for wellbeing budgeting to be discussed with an international audience, to increase awareness of wellbeing budgeting within and outside of the public health sector, and to highlight the importance of the public health sector’s role within this initiative.

The workshop focused on defining wellbeing budgeting concepts and public health principles and through interactive panel discussions, shared recent international experiences in wellbeing budgeting, and highlighted the value of wellbeing approaches for public health.

In follow-up to this workshop, a report was developed entitled: What We Heard Report, which has now been posted on the International Union for Health Promotion and Education’s website. The report consolidates workshop discussions, panelists’ responses to questions that were not addressed due to time constraints, and resources on wellbeing budgeting initiatives internationally.

To consult the report, click here.