In 2003, a group of persons living in poverty compared society to a landing from which one escalator goes up and another escalator goes down. “Poverty” they essentially told some parliamentarians, “is like having to go up a down escalator. Instead of trying so hard to help us go up escalators that are going down, just fix the escalators.” The reality of our societies is that, in fact, many situations convey mixed messages: on the one hand, efforts are made to help people move up the “steps” while, on the other hand, various rules and actions send the “escalators” on which they are standing downwards.

In order to stimulate exchanges around this metaphor, the NCCHPP presents in collaboration with Vivian Labrie a Presentation Kit for the facilitation of a workshop on inequalities using the escalators metaphor. This kit provides the following basic materials: a facilitator’s guide detailing the experience acquired relative to the “escalators workshop”, a poster template to be reproduced for use during the workshops, as well as a series of slides to be shown.

A Workshop on Inequalities Using the Escalators Metaphor
47 pages


PowerPoint presentation
22 slides