In October, 2008, in the context of the first North American Conference on Health Impact Assessment (HIA) held in San Francisco (U.S.A.), a working group was established in order to propose standards that would most likely ensure good practice. This decision was made following the realization of the diversity of HIA practices in North America and in other parts of the world, as well as the need to promote standards that would clearly distinguish HIA as a distinct and credible practice. Therefore, these standard practices are proposed, firstly, as reference points that can be used by Canadian and American practitioners to establish their own practices, and secondly, to stimulate discussion on the values and methods that guide these practices.

We invite you to react to these practice standards by communicating directly with the group representative whose contact information can be found in the document, or with us directly with the link on this web page. We welcome your comments with interest.

Practice Standards for Health Impact Assessment (HIA)
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