This document is a summary of the discussions carried out in August 2012 during the 12th International Conference on Health Impact Assessment.

Every year, since 1998, an international conference on health impact assessment has taken place. These conferences have played a significant role in consolidating HIA practice and in establishing an international community of practice. In August 2012, the 12th International Conference on HIA took place in Québec City and drew close to 400 participants from 42 different countries.

The 2012 Conference addressed the themes of Health in All Policies and HIA institutionalization, and took stock of the diversity of the practice and what we have learned so far about its effectiveness. In addition to these four main themes, participants were also given plenty of scope to make proposals. Discussions were held on themes that have run through all the conferences, including training, health inequities, citizen participation, environmental health and political aspects of HIA, to give practitioners and their partners an opportunity to share their respective experiences and discuss the current state of research. This document is the summary of this conference and highlights the four main themes that were discussed.

The 12th International Conference on Health Impact Assessment (HIA): New issues arising from the evolution of the practice – Summary of Discussions.
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