Following the NCCHPP presentation to the Senate Subcommittee in April 2008, the Centre was invited to return to make a presentation on Health Impact Assessment. In this presentation, Louise St-Pierre focused on two questions:
Is it necessary and realistic to implement a health impact mechanism at the federal level?

If so, what roles would be played by the various supporting authorities and agencies?

Preliminary Statement Regarding the Implementation of Health Impact Assessment at the Federal Level
6 pages

Click here to access the transcripts from the June 18 subcommittee meeting (link to the site of the Senate of Canada):
Evidence–The Subcommittee on Population Health of the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology

The Subcommittee’s final report was released in June 2009 and may also be accessed on the Senate of Canada’s website:

A Healthy Productive Canada: A Determinant of Health Approach
Keon and Pépin, 2009