This webinar entitled: Comment et pourquoi évaluer le déploiement d’une démarche d’évaluation d’impact sur la santé (EIS)? was offered by Françoise Jabot, Professor at the École des Hautes Études en Santé Publique (EHESP), in Rennes, France.

Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a prospective process aimed at estimating the consequences of a policy, a program or a project on the health of a population. The objective of HIA is to better inform decision makers and to encourage the adoption of healthy public policies.

HIA is structured in a five-step process. This webinar discussed the last step of the HIA process, evaluation, which is often neglected due to a lack of time and/or resources. Based on an example completed in France, it presented an approach to evaluating the implementation of an HIA process and the lessons that can be drawn from it.

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