The Centre’s Florence Morestin and Julie Castonguay led a workshop during Québec’s Journées Annuelles de Santé Publique (JASP – Annual Public Health Days) in Montréal on November 26, 2012.

This one-day workshop, held in French, was intended for public health professionals who are expected to produce knowledge syntheses to inform policy makers.

A Knowledge Synthesis Method to Effectively Inform Decision Makers about Public Policies
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  • Use an analytical framework that addresses several dimensions that are relevant to public policies and important to document (effectiveness, unintended effects, equity, cost, feasibility and acceptability).The learning objectives of the day were to enable participants to:
  • Construct the logic model of a public policy in order to guide data collection.
  • Develop a literature review strategy that is both rigorous and adapted to public policies.
  • Establish the steps to follow to organize deliberative processes in order to enhance the data from the literature review with the expertise of local actors.

The Centre has again offered this methodological workshop at JASP as part of a series of workshops on the method for synthesizing knowledge about public policies that we have organized during 2011 and 2012. We offered these workshops in diverse regions of Canada in the context of major public health conferences (CPHA 2011, JASP 2011, TOPHC 2012) or upon invitation by public health organizations at the local/regional, provincial, or federal level.