What are the main questions policy makers ask when making decisions about a proposed healthy public policy? On what topics do we need evidence? Public health actors may be called upon to work on public policies and therefore interact with policy makers at different levels. However, they often find that the content of their discourse does not meet all of the evidence needs of policy makers.

Evidence of What? A Framework for Analyzing Public Policies
30 slides

This workshop, held on June 12, 2013, introduced a framework for analyzing public policies developed by the NCCHPP. The framework is guided by a public health perspective while at the same time taking into account policy makers’ concerns. The evidence needed for policy making is categorized under six dimensions: effectiveness in preventing health problems, unintended effects, equity, financial costs, feasibility, and acceptability.

This workshop provided the tools for completing such an analysis and offered hands-on experience through exercises in small groups.


Florence Morestin and Julie Castonguay
Research Officers, NCCHPP