François Gagnon, Olivier Bellefleur, and Julie Castonguay of the NCCHPP, in collaboration with Émile Tremblay, of Québec’s Montérégie Public Health Unit (Direction de la santé publique de la Montérégie), offered this full-day pre-conference session at CPHA 2014 in Toronto. This workshop, made possible with a financial contribution from the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer through the Healthy Canada by Design CLASP Initiative, was held on May 26, 2014.

This pre-conference session, organized by the National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy, comprised two independent but complementary half-day workshop sessions. The morning session focused on the practice of HIA: its fundamentals, the main steps and related tools. In the afternoon session, we explored how HIA can help to promote safe and active travel in residential development project design. To illustrate, we presented an example of a recent HIA by a regional health authority in Québec, and a grid developed to formulate recommendations promoting safe and active travel in residential development projects.

‘Health in all Policies’ in Action: Health impact assessment (HIA) and the analysis of residential development projects to promote safe and active travel
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From theory to reality? The experience of HIA at the DSP of Montérégie
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Promoting safe active travel through residential development projects assessment
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The Healthy Canada by Design Initiative, with which the NCCHPP has been affiliated since 2009, is funded through the Health Canada – Canadian Partnership Against Cancer’s Coalitions Linking Action to Science and Prevention (CLASP) program. To learn more about the Healthy Canada by Design (HCBD) CLASP Initiative, see the HCBD CLASP website.

PPT Presentation
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