On March 13, 2012, the NCCHPP, in partnership with the NCC for Aboriginal Health (NCCAH), organized a dialogue session with academics and practitioners in the field of Aboriginal health. The objective of this session was to explore the potential uses of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) within Métis, Inuit and First Nations contexts. The NCCHPP’s Louise St-Pierre and Anika Mendell presented various aspects and examples of HIA in order to provide a starting point for discussion.

Situating Health Impact Assessment (HIA):  From environmental assessment to social determinant frameworks; From projects to policies
16 slides

HIA: A Primer on the Process
16 slides

Adapting HIA: The Case of New Zealand Whanau ora health impact assessment
9 slides

Applying HIA: the People Assessing Their Health (PATH) process
11 slides