As part of the 12th International Conference on HIA held in Québec City in August 2012, the NCCHPP offered an introductory workshop on the health impact assessment (HIA) approach.

The three-hour workshop was given in French in the morning and in English in the afternoon. It was intended for all persons interested in ensuring that health is taken into account during policy development, be they associated with the public health community, community organizations or government.

HIA is a structured process. Within the context of policy development, it allows for an examination of the relationship between a range of elements, thus encouraging decision-making that takes into account potential health effects.

Health Impact Assessment: An Overview
Louise St-Pierre
24 slides

HIA and Decision-making Processes
François Benoit
15 slides

From theory to practice: perspectives on HIA
Émile Tremblay
12 slides

Equity-focused Health Impact Assessment (EfHIA): A tool to assist decision-makers in the City of Greater Sudbury
Stephanie Lefebvre
22 slides

The overall goal of the workshop was to:

  • Familiarize participants with the HIA process as a means of facilitating the integration of health in all policies.

Specific goals were to enable participants to:

  • Describe the state of HIA practice in Canada and around the world;
  • Situate HIA practice within the context of Health in All Policies as compared to other models or ways of understanding of HIA practice;
  • Identify the standard HIA steps as well as to choose the related tools involded;
  • Use two tools related to the standard HIA steps;
  • Recognize the conditions that favour the use of knowledge generated from HIA in decision making.